Mashed swedes for Christmas is standard Christmas fare here, and it’s good, but why not try this for lunch:

a piece of bread,


liver paste (Norwegian & Danish brands are available here in Oslo, for

6-7 pieces of raw swedes (julienne, for those familiar with
kitchen language)

a few rings of raw onion

a drop of good balsamico

a drop of Tabasco


a good hand of ground pepper

If you need energy, this is it!

Balsamico: You need the real sweet stuff, which costs a little more. If you have to cheat, try something cheaper and add some brown sugar.

A glass of whisky and also a sip of armagnac that was left went fine with the
pepper and all, but what I had in the way of leverpostei today was not
quite the thing together with a glass of Talisker. It was too cheap, I think, too
little taste to match the smoked moors of Scotland. Homemade or some more elaborate stuff would probably cooperate better with the liquor.