Honest to God: Shrimp roe & whisky. If you have ever enjoyed shrimp Norwegian style (which means, basically, eating it, naturelle, if you will) there is sometimes a nice little bunch of roe underneath the little creature, and it also tastes good. You must remember to fish it out with your little finger and chew it inbetween the socalled real stuff.

This is the first time I’ve experienced whisky knealing at the altar as the bride, not the groom, the little black things were quite superior, and it was not even over-salted, which happens frequently.

We were brought up on shrimp, fresh white bread & butter, soda of our choice, and the grownups had white wine, maybe dill. I can’t remember anything else, really. Typical Saturday night stuff for the family, still is in Norway. Today I enjoy sour cream & garlic with this, too much of it, and of course many serve the compulsory lemon slices squeezed over any fishy things, which honestly I don’t like.

You can of course do a lot of other things with shrimp, if you serve it as a side dish especially – marinate it in butter and garlic, chilli, find out other things for yourself.

Simple food, depending on freshness. Be wary of discounted shrimp, they are sometimes old. The animals have grown more expensive, but you can still afford it. I actually quite like frozen Greenland stuff, usually bigger than fresh, and cheaper. They thaw in an hour at the most, just spread them out on a big dish or baking tray. If you are in a hurry use cold water to put them in, but this is not really advisable if they are the main course.

Nice and cold evening, a little fresh snow. I’m going for a walk.