Lomper, folks, I have been blogging in Norwegian about them, they are good with a lot of different spread, which is a poor English equivalent for the Norwegian pålegg, which covers a whole little world of food for me.

But try them with something hot inside too. Forget taco for now, even the homemade stuff, open a package of lomper or lefser and fill them with yesterday’s meatballs, in small pieces and with a little Tabasco sauce on top

Fried onion (slow frying, butter, salt, pepper, a little paprika (powdered stuff))

Fried mushrooms (worked very well with reasonably fresh “breadstuff” and straightforward mushrooms fried in butter, pepper, salt.

Boiled eggs inside were also good, with the lompe buttered, and salt.

Other things inside may work very well, these are simple combinations. The possibilities are, I think, many.

When you buy the lomper in the shop, lift up the package and feel their consistency. They should not be stiff, but rather hanging down from your hand on both sides, soft. Check the date if in doubt, sometimes this test is not enough. You’ll often find packages with quite different expiry dates in the same shelf. Buy them as fresh as you can get them and don’t leave them on the shelf for too long.

I also had a taste of pancakes in the same manner for our not so frugal meal this evening, and that really filled the holes. It was like suddenly walking on a lush Persian carpet, any hunger which may have been present left the room immediately.

I don’t know quite what ideas the lompe gave me in comparison with the pancake, it could maybe be associated with tenting outside, hiking, eating in the sunset by some little lake in Nordmarka.

Everyday life. A proletarian lunch, newly invented, except for the fillings, which were definitely from a better situation, even if the ingredients were simple.