Open sandwich with shrimp? For a Norwegian of my age (49) and upward it smacks of old times, when there were basically two sauces in the world, white and brown, and the smørbrød in restaurants were shrimp, smoked salmon, hamburger (kind of).

You can still find these shrimp things some places, but watch out: Some have started to peel the shrimp themselves, so you don’t have to eat the salty crap that comes ready peeled in boxes full of brine. So if you find a tiny piece of shrimp leg or shell on your piece of bread, don’t complain, but be happy that at last you eat what we, the natives of Norr-way, have been eating all along, but at home, mind you, not in restaurants. Until rather recently.

How about the stash that goes with the little creatures? Only factory-made mayonnaise?

Here are a couple of new ideas for homework:

Olive bread, butter, mustard, lots of black pepper, a dash of crème fraiche, raw chopped leek on top. Start from the bottom and take as much of this as you like. A lot of pepper and a small whisky on the side bring you to a small, but spicy euphoria.

Dijon mustard did not work, I think, pick the Norwegian brand Bergbys, for instance, especially the “grov” (coarse) or garlic types.