If you believe that something is happening with the climate, that maybe it’s a good idea to reduce carbon emissions, and that again, maybe it‘s another good idea to reduce or change your consumption of goods, here is a small thing you can do:

Put newspapers in your wet shoes to dry them. This was standard procedure in our house when I grew up, and the method has certain advantages: You don’t have to pay for the little machine that heats air and blows it into your shoes, neither will you pay for electricity for the same, no emissions from the factory (most likely in China), no emissions from production of the electricity we buy from abroad in the winter (mostly electricity in Norway comes from waterfalls), perhaps even not that many Norwegian rivers…well, a little destroyed.

If you are clever, you may even work less, because you don’t need quite so much money to buy things. The paper is already paid for, either in the newsstand or through the marketing budget of some producer of your household goods, if you use some of the paper that keeps filling your mailbox. You have already paid for that too, through the price of the goods.

Maybe you can even note a really tiny deposit into your workout account. Even if it is not much, you will probably use twice or more calories to do this, compared to switching on the little electrical fan.

If you don’t believe that the climate is changing, or that anything is happening to nature that is uncomfortable for it or yourself, or if you believe that we have nothing much to do with whatever happening – go on doing what you do. This is actually a major issue here, and I think you are wrong if you subscribe 100% to any of these views, but I haven’t had time to find out what’s what.

Is it important to keep everything going? Maybe this is not 100% true either, maybe it’s not only about giving people jobs, but also what they actually do when they are at work.