The French have, in Norway at least, a reputation for being a little arrogant and non-communicative.

I have had just a few French as customers in a cafe I worked, and they were often the most willing to try something new, even to the point of asking for pølse i lompe. The ones I met seemed quite confident about their food culture, which made them able to explore. (I didn’t meet that many, so don’t arrest me, this is svogerforskning.) Haven’t you got pølse? I’ll try somewhere else, then.

So, why not give them a quick ride in the little rollercoaster?

Lompe, butter, Norwegian mustard, Brie.

That’s it.

A little treat for lunch, if you need more, make an omelette. Perhaps with Brie, too.

I drink a lot of tea these days, and when there is nothing in the cupboard to put in the tea ball, I use bags, often Lady Grey. According to Wikipedia it is made for the Nordic market because we didn’t quite like the Earl Grey variety. Suits me fine, wet stuff with a slightly dry taste.