1 Butter, olive oil, Tabasco sauce, pepper, Maldon salt or
some other good salt. Not browned, just melted butter.

2 The same, with a
little squeezed lemon.

3 Browned butter, olive oil, Tabasco, pepper, lightly browned
garlic. Garlic fried in oil is much used in Spanish food, but stop before it’s
too late and it is burned, not browned.

4 The same, with 1-2 spoons of boiled, green peas. Crush the
peas thoroughly, in a mortar or otherwise, and put them in the pan.

5 Oregano fresh from the bush, warmed slowly in butter.
Simple and sound, I believe. Felt like it, anyway.

6 Butter, possibly with oregano, with sweet pepper cooked in butter and salt. Add Tabasco sauce, balsamic vinegar, pepper. I added some of the browned garlic, but it was rather too much. After cooking it for 5-10 min the sauce became more agreeable, and with a little of the crushed peas it was actually interesting. Butter-based chutney??

We used no 2 as marinade for peeled shrimp, and that worked fine. A young foodie, Emma (10), visiting from the States, thought it tasted mainly butter, but knowing the taste of Norwegian butter I could tell her that it tasted more sour than usual, so what we did definitely had an effect. We thought it was actually quite good, but not as spicy as intended. If you wait too long before you serve spicy things the chili effect will slowly fade, so I guess that’s what we did.

I forgot to give credit to the young foodie, the daughter of one of my cousins in Arizona. We cooperated on making sauce no 2, and her suggestions made it into a side dish at the shrimp-kalas we had yesterday.

There was a lot of pleasant noise and good-hearted nonsense around the table, and foodwise it was kind of interesting too, expanding the traditional bread-butter-mayo-shrimp routine into a koldtbord of scrambled eggs (also made by Emma and my daughter Margrethe!), cured ham and spekepølse made with red wine, the sauce no.2 and two sour cream dips, home-made foccacia and other stuff. Home-made lemonade, and a really good Austrian Veltliner.

I hope I didn’t kill Emma’s food interest afterwards – she made 6 espressos for the grown-ups, not bad, really, not at all, but maybe a little too much as a first encounter of the coffee world. She said she was tough, which I hope is right…