White bread, cured ham and butter used to be one of favourites when I was a kid. Here is a couple of additions:

White bread, butter, Birkebeiner
cured ham or something else, fingers of raw, sweet pepper, Tabasco sauce on top.
Beer or tea, both behave well together with this.

White bread, butter, cured ham, pepper, slices of raw red

There is a lot of traditional loff (Norwegian white bread)
in the shops here, some of it tastes nada, some is really good. Usually, I
think, don’t go for the cheapest if you don’t have to, although that what was we had way back in the 70s, and loved it. The Birkebeiner brand of cured
ham has less salt than normal Norwegian stuff, and I suspect a little sugar in the brine as
well. Not so bad, and not that expensive.