Department for small, childish perversions:

Start biscuits,
butter, brown sugar

Both demerara and the brown sugar that is a little clotted
is good.

This type of biscuit, common in Norway, is almost like air
in a box. Very fluffy, with little taste, just a little white flour with a hint
of sugar. A little sugar on top made it into a small, but living creature.

I haven’t revealed the recipe to the kids yet, but I will have to do it, I think.

The Norwegian encyclopedia ”Store norske leksikon” (”Great
Norwegian Encyclopedia”) had some food info: Demerara seems to be a river and a
region of Guyana (South America, close to Suriname, for the forgetful,
like myself). The other common stuff here, the brown, clotty type, is not as ”real”
or little refined as I thought: It’s a mix of white sugar and cane syrup. The syrup is probably more “natural”, though.

I don’t know if cane sugar tastes differently from beet
sugar, or is less or more healthy. It probably depends on the degree of
refining. And the amount eaten.

When I was a kid I stole chocolate from the kitchen
cupboard, of course, and when the house was absolutely devoid of sweets I put
sugar, butter and flour in a cup and made a little dough out of it. It was not
as good as real candy, but at least I got rid of the craving for sugar. Kind of intravenous feeling.

When I worked at a cafe some years ago I saw an Italian customer putting jam onto some biscuits we had on the counter. I have of course seen it in factory-made biscuits, but it didn’t cross my mind that there was also an original of this kind.