If you want truffles in your soup, buy honey. I’m not sure if you can find it in Oslo, but I bought a tiny glass of truffle honey in Italy more than a year ago, and it’s still full of taste and smell. Don’t waste money on so-called fresh truffles in a jar, they taste of nothing, and the oil goes rancid before you have the time to use much of it. You don’t need much anyway, so both this and saffron can be included in your repertoire if you want to.

What you probably don’t want is to use it too often, because the tastes of both are almost heavy, something intricate. Reserve it for something special, even if it’s on a Tuesday. I had a saffron mania many years ago, and have barely touched it since.

But if you bake Swedish lussekatter, “Lucy-cats”, which has become a real tradition in Norway too, around Christmas or actually for the St.Lucia-celebration, don’t skip the saffron, because that’s what makes them really good.

A moth, attracted to my lamp, startled me a little. First I thought the rain was coming, and I don’t particularly like big insects either.

It wasn’t rain, I can actually see a few stars above me, even if it is summer and not as dark as December. I kind of look forward to that, the winter can be really beautiful. That is, if it’s below zero, and not that slush & slippery routine that has increased with the climate problems.

Right now, a pleasant, cool summer night. Luvly.