I have been thinking. Standard everyday food here when you don’t really want to think, is Bolognese, meatballs maybe, what else? I used to make pasta with sardines and tomatoes and quite a lot of chili – a long while, a long while ago. It worked, but it is history for me.

What I am looking for is food that is simple to buy and cook, good to eat – I’d rather have something homely too, but not quite traditional. Modern, simple, eco, easy to make. So good to eat that you care to do it often,
so that you have repertoire for the rainy days.

All right – here is a possible solution to the problem, and you don’t really cook much. If you buy all of it it is not really cheap, and asparagus in October is bound to be air freighted from Peru, so actually, maybe skip that. (They were good, though.)

But buy some of this, there are many possible good mixes with these things, especially with the wine.

Messy eggs
(see below)
champignons with truffle honey
bread & butter
A glass of
white wine

Fry the mushrooms in butter, salt, pepper, and add a tiny bit of truffle honey in the end. They turn into something really good, especially the brown ones. Almost the real thing? Mm…no, something different, very tasty.

I have been making messy eggs since I was a kid, I think. Melt a good lump of butter over slow heat, crash in three eggs and stir a little, enough to crush the yolks, and mix the thing a little. If you want a real mess go on stirring and turning it a little, add some more butter if you like and eat them while the yolks are still a little slippery.

If you want them to be a little more civilized fry them, still slowly, more like an omelette that is half mixed and medium fried.

This is not too bad to eat if you live alone either.

One solution to the solitude problem is perhaps to experiment, given that you can share your inventions with someone afterwards, that’s the most fun. Make a blog…