Something for the lone diner, or anyone. Tastes a little of a not so bad restaurant, I think.

2 pork neck chops

2-3 tsp
2-3 tsp
teaspoons domestic mustard 🙂

Served with
bread, butter, mustard, pepper. Tabasco

Beer in the

Melt the butter without browning it. Pour in the whisky with the mustard and cook for a few minutes. Put the chops into the pan and go on cooking for 15-20 min, until no blood comes out. Turn them a few times so that the taste from the sauce gets into the meat.

Pour the sauce on the chops when you serve them.

I should have had some greens on the side. Peas are always good company, I think, but there was none in the fridge yesterday. I had some nice asparagus, but forgot to use them.

I used some really expensive whisky, Macallan, which does not taste of smoked peat. I should think that something cheaper, a normal blended, would do fine too, or one of the real smoky ones, like Lagavulin or the rest, if you’re after that taste. You don’t use very much, so you don’t spend that much money anyway.

To contradict myself a little, you normally get what you give, in the sense that a really cheap or even bad wine in the sauce won’t do you any good. While most of the details in the taste of the wine or liquor disappear, the basic feeling of what’s there remains, I guess. But much also depends on what you do with the sauce, how dominant the other ingeredients are, and for how long you cook it.

Many tastes can be destroyed by other ingredients or too much cooking time.