Olive bread
butter (not too salty)
leftovers of “lightly salted cod”

I love lettsaltet torsk, socalled lightly salted cod, which isn’t quite so lightly salted after all.

You boil it like fresh fish, put it into boiling water, draws the pot off the gas and leave it for 12 minutes. Eat it with what you can, and the next day if you have leftovers you have a delicious thing to put on your bread or to put in a gratin.

But I have to find out for how long to leave it in water (don’t know the English expression). I tried an hour an a half, and that was not enough. I’ll get back with results when I have them.

It’s edible as it is, but the salt pushes you up high and makes you wanting to balance it out with something really sweet, onion or mustard or something else.

A little too much salt is an issue here, in traditional food especially.

As I said, a sweet mustard was good for this sandwich, but other types could have been used too.

Being a cold fish is bad, eating it is good.