1 red sweet pepper
1 tsp butter
2 tsp or more fresh parsley
3-4 small tomatoes
6-7 drops of really strong chili sauce
a few drops of lime juice (squeezed from the lime)
white pepper

boiled eggs

a glass of whisky, if you like

Melt the butter and add the sweet pepper, cut as you like it. Add a generous hand of white pepper, the parsley, lime and the chili sauce. Let simmer 6-7 min. Add the tomatoes and go on cooking until they dissolve and make it into a thick sauce.

Serve with bread, and unless you are a vegan, a couple of boiled eggs. And for whisky-lovers: It was delicious with a glass of single malt together with this, a complete contrast.

I skipped the tea until later; my experience with tea and pepper is becoming a fixed habit.