I have found out how to deal with the technology chaos, at least when it comes to music on the stereo or the PC. What you need is two systems.

If you use iTunes or some other digital source that utilizes compressed files (with less information), like mp3 or similar things, there is not enough information in the files to give you the big stereo sound. Whatever you buy of loudspeaker you’ll never get a huge orchestral sound, for instance.

So instead, look for loudspeakers that are made for this format, or this sound world. Listen, not, to the hyper boys and girls in the shop who are high on technology, but bring your Mac or whatever and connect it to the different models in the shop. Bring a cable (mini-jack) or borrow it there. Listen until you find what you like, then buy. Use your time.

For Brahms and the others use an old-fashioned stereo setup, with CD’s, or, if you have kept them, the old LPs. I’m still a skeptic when it comes to digital sound, even if some of my more technical friends tell me there is much more information in a digital file than in a piece of music on an LP. Something feels different. Perhaps it is possible to create digitally a good “LP sound”, but then often it is not done, or so it feels like.

Maybe. I’ll set it all up and try, then we’ll see. But connecting iTunes to something big is no point, there’s not enough sound there.

Me, a sound freak? Not really. But I don’t like chaos when I don’t want chaos.