Wow. This was really something, especially when it came on top of the knekkebrød, and especially when it was served right away, not after 10 minutes of breaking down whatever makes it taste fresh.

I’m not sure whether the Calvados I tried to pair it with quite enjoyed the communion. It was a real slender and rather elevated liquor which may have been a little confused by being served in a Chinese liquor cup or whatever it’s called, a tiny earthenware thing. I’ve got to buy myself some brandy glasses and stop trying to make everything strong I drink into a Schnaps.

Anyway, the Calvados at least responded nicely to all the pepper in the thing, quite a little bonfire in the mouth. But maybe the next bottle should be something a little more brown and complicated. We’ll see. There’s some new Norwegian liquor made from apples too, on the market. I haven’t really tried it properly.

Here’s the recipe:

Small green peas, frozen, not in a box
Some expensive butter
A pinch or two of dried oregano
Quite a lot of black ground pepper
A few drops of Tabasco
A little salt if you like (one or two pinches)

Some pieces of modern ”knekkebrød” (the thin, expensive type full of sesame seeds and other stuff – or try normal bread or something else)

Melt the butter slowly in a frying pan.
Drizzle the oregano and Tabasco over the butter, grind the pepper and go on heating it, slowly, for a minute or two.
Put the peas in, if frozen make them thaw (it will take only a couple of minutes). Crush them with a fork, mix everything well.

Taste the stuff to check that it’s the way you want it, then serve.