Dough for one roasting pan
Olive oil
5 garlic cloves
A pinch or two of dried oregano or similar stuff
Onion rings (raw…)
Cheese at your choice

Let the garlic simmer slowly in the oil together with salt, Tabasco, oregano.
Discard the garlic or use for something else if the kids won’t eat it, or let it join the rest on the pizza.
Drizzle the oil over the dough in the pan, or use a brush.
Lay on filling and cheese, and smack in the oven it goes.
250 degrees was max on my oven, and that works fine. Have a look after 15-20 min.
Finished when the cheese looks irresistible, golden.

Pizza with no tomatoes is good, and one doesn’t have to consider whether tomatoes are environment-friendly stuff here in the north. I’ve actually had a little too much tomatoes too lately, being without was good for a change.