A piece of bread, something good
Mackerel in oil, mixed with ground pepper and strrong
Tabasco (actually Habanero sauce)

I tried to eat this together with a cauliflower dish, but no, they wouldn’t cooperate. Better to eat it as lunch, or kveldsmat, as the name was when we were kids. The thing has been gone from my life for many years, but now my own kids demand food before they go to bed, whenever dinner was. Their treat of the day, really, as it was ours.

I found something Turkish, quite ok, but I’ve tried eating boxed fish as dinner before, it doesn’t work.

I didn’t know that there were a lot of different mackerel species around the world. Typically Norwegian, grown stupid from living in isolation for too long. The mackerel is ours, we think, in the South at least. We fry it with new potatoes, sour cream etc. Yummie.

The good thing is, I can now look for mackerel recipes from all over the world and travel without travelling, again. Who said anything about isolation?