Some Norwegians don’t like Pakistanis. I haven’t quite figured out why, but I think it’s time to give the concept «Pakistan» a break and trade it for «India», because this culture, or these cultures, tell more about the traditions and way of life of these Asians. Pakistan is a new construction, and the families of many of the Pakistanis come from other parts of India, or if from Pakistan itself, Punjab and other areas, this used to be part of India too.

One should probably also not forget the British influence on the Indian way of life when watching foreign culture at home. Not knowing much about it, the little politeness «bare hyggelig», which has recently entered the Norwegian language, is parallel to the English «you’re welcome», and I wouldn’t be much surprised if it has walked the road, or the sea, from Britain to the East and back to Europe again.

This phrase was not common here 10 years ago, and I believe we owe the use of it to some of our immigrants.