Almost meatballs:

400 g minced meat
dried or fresh sage
2 garlic cloves
olive oil
a few drops of chili sauce

The veggie stew:

small frozen green peas
ready-made lentils
½ small red chili
½ red sweet pepper
Jarlsberg cheese or other white firm cheese

The meaty stuff:

Heat the garlic, herbs and salt in the oil in a pan until
Put the whole package of minced meat into the pan and chop
it gently with a table knife, so that it forms small ”meatballs”.
Let it simmer slowly for at least 20 min.

The little veggie stew:

Melt the butter slowly.
Chop the chili and sweet pepper, put it into the pan and let
simmer until tender.
Add the peas, let simmer a little, then add the lentils.
Add some water, let it simmer until it turns into a sauce.
The last 5 minutes add the cheese, which blends almost neatly with the sauce, on top of the pan.

Serve with noodles.

If you’re a veggie, eat the stew, if you’re just basically a
veggie or not at all, eat it together. The meatstuff is not too exciting alone, but the stew is. They mix well.