I love living indoors with the windows open.

In the summer it gives you the feeling of being indoors and outdoors at the same time, you can enjoy the comfortable furniture combined with the freshness of the Nordic summer air. An indoor scenery with an outdoor feel. Bringing nature inside, maybe, as the Norwegian writer-journalist Johan Borgen put it. As a definition of art it is a little too ambitious, but he’s got a point.

This is the time of year when, in the evenings, it becomes more and more difficult to appreciate this habit.

You start with maybe three open windows, then shut one, then another, and all the while you try to ignore the fact that your bare summer feet gets just a little too cold. In the end you close the last window, grudgingly accepts that the warm feeling is actually comfortable and, in the end, have to accept also the thought of an approaching winter.

To comfort yourself you try instead to remember the feeling of February, an optimistic month, still on the other side of reality, but after the November to January dip the darkness gradually let go and you start feeling warm again, dry, more as a friendly guinea pig, not like the armadillo who does the Christmas shopping.

The sun is shining bright again in mid-February and the –10 degrees which are sometimes there feels refreshing, completely to the point, an honest statement, the sound of crisp, dry snow with no ambiguous feeling of slush to it.

All this relates to the times before the climate changes. After they hit us winter has become less hard, everyone has got their wet dreams fulfilled as it were, the complaints of winter coldness are no longer quite relevant, but the saklighet, as I put it, the honesty of dry, cold snow is most of the time here in Oslo also missing, and people are not happy about that either.

Rain and slush instead, nothing you can count on, hverken det ene eller det andre, neither fish nor fowl.

The text has been edited after publishing.