a small
onion, if you like
a pile of
dry bread crumbs
one egg
sea salt
black pepper
butter for

Peel the
onion and slice it in rings, as thick or thin as you like. Take your old bread, completely dry. Pretend that you’re making a really thin slice of
bread and make a heap of crumbs on your cutting board. Mix in a little salt and pepper.
Whip the egg in a bowl.

Dip the
onion rings in the egg, turn it in the crumbs and fry it in butter. Be careful so you don’t lose too many crumbs on your way to the frying-pan. Heat the
butter until it makes a foam, then put in the onion rings and turn down the heat.

A little
extra salt on top, in the pan, if necessary. Don’t fry them too long, you want
them crisp, not burnt.

But let
the onion stay long enough in the pan to be softened a little.