So why don’t you fry your sausages like this?

Just a little butter, an ample amount of oil (I don’t mean an ocean), sage, rosemary, some sweet mustard. Heat the fat with the other ingredients a little first, make it into a little sauce-slash-marinade.

In Norway I prefer the Bergbys sennep of Porsgrunn, made by a local producer who now sells several types on the national market. But the sweet one that came first is the best, I think. Bergbys is a local hamburger chain situated around Porsgrunn, and if the burgers are as good as the mustard, they could be worth checking out.

Heat the sausages, but not too fast – you want them warm all through, and maybe not the mustard to caramelize too much. And you want the “sauce” to stick onto the sausages.

You don’t have to eat them for breakfast. Lunch is ok too.