Almost vegetarian, a side dish or just a dish:

½ -1 tbsp
2 tbsp
sunflower oil
½ tsp
Tabasco sauce
a few drops
thai chilli sauce
½ garlic (without cloves)
½ red,
sweet pepper
1 egg

Crush the herbs in a mortar. Chop the garlic finely, or why not brunoise (tiny cubes). Warm the butter, the oil, the garlic and the herbs for a few minutes, until the garlic is soft, but not brown.

Add the sweet pepper. The water in the pepper will stop the browning process, so if that is about to happen this is the quick way out. The things in the pan will go on cooking but not frying.

Let it cook for another 6-7 min. – or until the pepper is as soft as you like it.

Stir in the egg until it has been transformed to one scrambled egg.