3 eggs
olive oil
sea salt
thai chili
1 tsp
French mustard
¼ l milk
¾ red
(sweet) pepper

If you have little money or quite simply have forgotten to buy things for the weekend, you’ll probably end up with food that doesn’t cost too much. But if that’s what you want anyway, who cares?

Eggs was my food wish today, and here they are.

Boil the eggs 10 min.

Cut the pepper in slices and fry them slowly in the fat with the herbs etc. until soft.

Slice the boiled eggs in 4, put them into the sauce and stir a little to make
the sauce stick to the egg whites.

Then take out the whites, add the milk, and boil until the whole thing becomes a thick sauce. Stir so that the egg yolks mix in well and add to the thickening of the sauce.

Put the whole thing together with the egg whites on the plate and serve.

I’m going to make a case for Norwegian flatbread, served as a crunchy little sandwich with butter. Be really careful when you spread the butter, or it will all dissemble even on a flat surface. Use soft butter (out of the fridge) if you don’t enjoy thin slices of the yellow stuff.

I didn’t come up with the last idea in time, so I had it afterwards, but flatbread from the shop tastes good and works well as an accompaniment to many things.