This makes a very simple sauce, but good.

Yesterday we roasted two whole chickens in the oven. At least one of them turned out kind of perfect, that is, for me, full of meat juice. The other chicken’s breast was a little too dry, as usual when you heat it too long. But it all went very well, really, one chick filled with pieces of bratwurst and the whole thing a little spicy, the other one empty and more or less plain.
One of the guests filled the nooks and crannies (or whatever expression Tolkien uses for the little peckish eating after the meal is over). A nice view
for an amateur cook, or any cook.

We couldn’t eat it all, though.

So leftovers today.

pieces of chicken meat, as many as you have or need
a few drops
of Tabasco sauce
dried or fresh tarragon, thoroughly crushed
a little red wine vinegar (”balsamic vinegar”, the cheap stuff)
1 garlic

Peel and slice the garlic clove in thin pieces, heat it slowly in the butter together with the other things. Heat until edible (soft, not brown).
Heat the chicken meat for a couple of minutes.

Leftovers are never as fresh as the original dish, but they have a charm of old acquaintance, even if you met only the day before. Cooking the chicken meat makes it a little dry, but soaking it in the same sauce basically fixes it.

For me cold meat is also a treat, on bread & butter and usually only with ground pepper on top.

As simple as all that.