a handful of salted, chopped cashew nuts
two handfuls of fresh, chopped coriander
freshly ground pepper (black or white)
a couple of tablespoons of butter
enough Tabasco sauce for your taste
ca 300 g fresh catfish fillet

Melt the butter on a low flame, add the chopped nuts, the pepper, Tabasco sauce and half the coriander.

Cut the fish in cubes of about 4×4 cm and add to the pan. Add the rest of the
coriander, turn off the heat pretty fast, and leave the fish in the sauce for
half an hour. If your stove is electric, leave the pan where it is to get the rest of the heat.

After the half hour, if the fish is not done, heat it slowly for a few minutes until it is. It is finished when you can push a fork through a piece of fish almost without noticing. If you have to really push, it needs a few more minutes.