When the kids don’t want the same food, which happens often, I frequently give up and make whatever each of us want for himself. I am sometimes pretentious enough to call it tapas, Norwegian style. It can lead to interesting combinations, like stewed carrot eaten with pancakes.

I bought a real bunch of carrots which must have been under way to the counter for a much shorter time than the packages from the big stock at Bama.

I had some fish burgers for myself (that is actually something else or a special type, fiskekaker is what I mean, which can be anything from pretty mean everyday food to really good stuff (although only homemade ones are brilliant).

These were among the best factory-made things and formed the base for the sauce together with the garlic.

I gave the whole thing another go without the fish cakes, and the sauce was still good, but not quite that good. A surprise that the fish cakes made that much difference.

One helping

2 cloves of
garlic, chopped
butter and
dried and
ground red pepper
1 big
carrot, julienne (ca 4×50 mm pieces)
2 large
fish cakes

Heat the fish cakes in the fat with the spices.

Peel and chop the garlic in tiny pieces and heat it slowly in the fat from the fish cakes. Peel and chop the carrot too.

Pour in the water and boil for a few minutes. Add the julienned carrot and boil until a little softer, 6-7 min.

This time of the year you can get really fresh vegetables, and it is a pity to cook them too long.

Serve in a small bowl, it is difficult to tell whether this is a soup or a sauce.

The pancakes were pretty small and thick, and with a reasonable amount of butter, which meant they could well be eaten alone too, with nothing else.