2 slices of
white bread
1-2 tbsp
1 tbsp
olive oil
a few drops
of chili sauce
a pinch or two of dried sage
one pinch of salt (sorry, this recipe is not for people with an accurate mind)
6 slices of packaged parmesan, or as much freely packed 😉

Cut the bread in cubes. Slice the parmesan, then cut it julienne (in matches).

Melt the butter in the pan. Add sage, chili sauce and salt. Stir a little, then add the bread cubes and fry them app. 5-6 min, until light brown. Add the cheese, stir well even now. Some of the cheese will stick to the pan, but try to make most of it cling onto the bread.

Add the honey on the plate.

You can skip the honey if you like – it will then taste like a lot of cheese and more salty. But I really enjoyed the taste of honey in this, I like sweet-salty things.