Some slices of dark rye bread, pumpernickel or something similar
Butter on the bread

1 package chopped pork meat
butter, at least 3 tbsp
dried tarragon, 2 pinches, thoroughly crushed
3 garlic cloves
sea salt
ground black pepper
tabasco sauce, enough
a small squeeze of lime

The normal things to do: Chop the garlic finely, brunoise if you like (tiny cubes, say, 1 mm). Heat it in a pan with the butter, spice and herbs. Everything, really, but the meat last.

Slowly, in order not to burn the garlic and not to dry the pork meat more than necessary.

Then turn off the heat before the meat is really finished and leave it there, to “marinate” in the little sauce that has emerged.

Then simply put some on top of your piece of bread, with butter underneath, and eat it.

The white Burgundy I had tonight didn’t quite enjoy the bread, first when I had the rest of the meat and the sauce, no bread, together with the wine, it responded in a truly friendly way.

But maybe it’s all in my imagination. It is, any way you see it.

Try it with something you’d like to drink, anyway.

This one is actually not for lunch.
Nocturne, notturno, nattstykke.