They may not be entirely new, but recordings are entering my YouTube window, of music by female composers, recordings that I feel really take the music seriously.

Is the music different from works by their male counterparts? I think maybe it is, but judge for yourself. In any case, all music needs to be played as itself, not as a different or less important version of Brahms, (Robert) Schumann or anyone else.

The last sentence is of course more or less a program, and I won’t dismiss any old, inspiring recordings, or anything else that works, for that matter. But new ideas…well, I felt they were needed here.


PS Of course it is a little too much to say that on older recordings the musicians doesn’t take the music “seriously”. The point is that the musical language sometimes seems so close for instance to Brahms or Clara’s husband or someone else of the “greats”, while the music actually contains completely different ideas. Which I think is shown here.