Salmon in a frying pan:
a piece of
salmon fillet, app. 200g
2 tbsp
a few
pinches of dried, crushed tarragon
a little
white pepper from the pepper mill

Heat the butter and the herbs slowly in one frying pan for five minutes.
Turn off the stove and put the salmon fillet in the butter.

Leave it there too “marinate” while you do the other stuff. Leave the pan on
the oven, too.

When the champignons are ready to heat, move the piece of salmon on to a plate and heat the fat in the pan until sizzling. Fry the fish on one side (it will be pretty loose by now, so don’t move it around too much.)

The champignons and the sauce:
Two medium-sized champignons
2 tbsp
a slightly
thai-style paste of white pepper, sage and garlic
a few
pinches of fancy sea salt
a little

Slice the mushrooms in thin slices. Heat the butter in another pan, then add the paste. Mix it well with the butter and let it simmer in the butter for a few minutes. Take care not to fry the garlic too much. Add the mushrooms and go on heating until they are no longer raw, maybe 3-4 minutes.

Add the water and boil for a few minutes, then move the salmon into this pan. Pour the fat from the fish pan in here too. Keep boiling for a few minutes, until the fish is as done as you like it. I like it almost sushi. Do as you please, but even salmon can get dry.

Use fresh salmon if you can find it.

I was crazy enough to open a bottle of (for me) pretty expensive Haut-Médoc, Chateau Meyre, an ecological red wine. Actually it went very well with the sauce, it cooperated well with all the pepper.

I could actually hear the two of them laughing pretty loud.

But the tarragon at some point created a taste of cherry stones in the wine, which I usually don’t like much. A little crash, but it faded quickly, for some reason.

In the end I had a piece of white bread with butter and mustard, which made the wine behave more like you’d expect a proper claret to behave, smooth, velvety, not at all peppery.

I went on drinking a little after I had finished the food, and (but) then the wine didn’t like me that much anymore. I think I’ll drink the rest tomorrow.

I think maybe the sauce should have been put through a sieve, because the fried garlic turned into small grains.

But the taste was…really good.