Oslo is
basically a pedestrian city, I am talking about the old, inner city. It’s
actually not that small, so you need
the tram to get around when your feet start aching after a day as a tourist or
when you’ve been shopping or walking from one appointment to the next.

Of course,
you have to be careful with cars, as you do in a city, but mostly, they behave
ok. Most of the streets are so narrow you can cross them pretty easily, and the
tunnels and toll plazas that surround us diminish the traffic a lot, to our
great benefit.

There’s less
traffic and much more quiet than it used to be.

Which means
many of us use the opportunity to cross the street whenever and wherever we
like. You have to check, of course, and after you have lived here for a while
you learn which crossings are safe, which are dangerous.

usually exists a balance between pedestrians and drivers, a certain agreement
both ways, but lately it has tipped maybe too much in our favour. I
don’t mind letting people drive, as long as the traffic is not worse than it is

I don’t own
a car, I find it a hassle and an unnecessary expense. I am lucky enough to have
the possibility of borrowing one whenever I need to drive.

Actually, bikes are almost more dangerous than cars these days, because many bikers
are both sportive (or efficient) and a little reckless. Some move pretty fast.