For some people everything is math.

Or computing. For some, again, the two things are very close. They are probably right.

I have met real computer nerds who are creative, funny, who have things to say.

It’s brilliant. A good starting point for teaching, just to mention one thing.

But they are not the only ones who have a philosophy.

Everything is art. Engineering. Economy, money, rock, nature. Culture. Joinery.

The world of photography.

I saw a sweet Danish film once, about a guy who mounted kitchen interiors, a charming guy. He got the girl he wanted, of course, in the film, his philosophy was very well received.

Every field has in it – I think – this possibility. If you see it this way as a musician, racing car driver, sociologist, whatever, you’ve actually come quite far, probably achieved something. Insight, real knowledge of your field.

So is everything visuality, calculations, or computing? Of course it is, it can be, but it can be almost anything else as well.

It depends on how you see things.

Every philosophy has its scope and its limitations. Blind spots too, things it can’t imagine to be true, and valuable thoughts.

Grounding is also a word.

Every field and every man and woman has the ability to lift from the ground, fly in a scientific or another human mode. Our knowledge and skills go pretty far.

This is also a good thing. Can be useful. Inspiration, enthusiasm, energy, really good ideas.

But sometimes the ideas go a little too far away from the place you started. Creativity may run along the road so far, the ideas get really slender and almost disappear in the end. Sometimes they are so sophisticated they end up almost where you started, you spend a lot of energy and thinking to get a result that is so simple you could have achieved almost the same with much simpler means.

Ideas usually form a world of their own, that’s normal. But they still have to be connected to something.

Bertrand Russell says somewhere that numbers are actually also used for counting, not only calculations. There is a relation between the abstract and the real world.

I am not opposed to science, absolutely not, and not to advanced science, creativity, enthusiasm etc. Flying high and spinning around is absolutely ok. But you still have to check the ground, know where it is, at least. If reality slips away, you have to find it again. It doesn’t mean that you give up all your ideas or theory in general.

There are obvious dilemmas in today’s world of technology, which develops really fast. A lot of new possibilities of producing things, constructing, handling all sorts of information from all sorts of different fields. Lots of new choices to make.

Technical creativity today may affect us in many ways. The world of artificial intelligence is spread in a way everywhere, all the time. This means that you cannot sit in your little boy’s room or girl’s room, on your desk, and giggle over your ideas that you just sent out into the world.

That is actually irresponsible. They end up in my spaghetti, on my plate, in my mind.

Not everyone are technical minds or computer nerds.

Not all are even practical minds.

There are many other ways of thinking in the world.

A computer screen is not too close to reality for me, even if it creates a world, more or less. The distance to the earth as I know it is tangible in the remoteness of the screen.

The screen and the Internet herds you into a lifestyle of loneliness, at least it works like that for me.

But I think it may move some the other way too. I guess it depends for instance where you start. How were you before AI broke loose?

In any case, we’re not used to it, the artificial brain.

It has hangups and rainy days, you know, just like us. Any piece of art resembles its maker or makers in some ways, so there you have it…

I don’t really like my thoughts to be automatised. My words. Figures too, for that matter.

The whole world in a box.

I prefer “The whole world in my mind.”

Cogito, ergo sum.

A statement which by many – in my lifetime – has been seen as limiting, it is too much describing (the top of) the head. There is some truth in this. But the outcome also depends on how you use the top of your head.

And…I still want to own the same top…of my own head.




The sense of reality, which is a result of curious work, by my research on the world.

It happens in solitude and with others involved.

All I read influences me. So I want to choose myself, partly, what to read, and let myself be partly surprised.

I want to know things.

I don’t like the idea of life only as a game.

For me, life is an adventure, a very long story. Several adventures.

I’ll be happy to mix my stories with other people’s stories, but I’d like to have some control over where and when. How.

Dear Mac, you are an artifact, a thing.

I am a person.