Dear Donald, you’re doing stupid things. You can’t arm a teacher.

A teacher has to love all his kids. It’s a little easier than you should think, because one, I don’t think you become a teacher or stay in the job if you don’t have a talent for it. It’s too hard if you don’t have it in you. I don’t really know what a talent is, but it tends to make things work, and somehow, if you are in the right place, you have a very strong feeling that this job is for you, that you need to help the kids in the ways that you can, and build up their knowledge, which is also part of the job, of

Two, even if you are close to your students, you have a distance. It’s not quite like being in a family, that’s much closer and more difficult. The closer people are to you, the more difficult things are, that’s my experience, at least.

But usually you have a great heart for the pupils, students, whatever age they are. It’s common to enjoy especially one age group, generally, at least one at a time. I used to teach teenagers, English, then smaller ones and teenagers, piano. Everything works, in a way, but it often feels best to work with the right age group. I liked teenagers, still do, feel a little like one myself.

You can’t love anyone with a gun. It’s made for wounding and killing. You think it is made for defense, but I’m not sure it works very well for that either, privately or in society. I think you can say, if your strategy starts with a gun, you’ll not succeed. Your strategy has to be not using a gun, to make peace with whoever lives in your surroundings. Where I live, you don’t normally use a gun unless you’re a keen hunter. We don’t normally own or carry guns.