So seriously, Donald, are you going to start that World War Three that people talk about?

I’m not sure that you know what a war is.

I’m not sure that I know it. I was born in 1963. I still feel that in my country, we are not quite finished with WW II. In Europe, I don’t think we are, not all the way finished. It’s been 70 years, a little more, and in our heads there are still attitudes, thoughts, ideas from way back, put there by violence.

To shoot, to have lots of soldiers and guns kill people is not a very nice way of discussing things.

You could see it like that: It’s an argument, a row, something going on in a family or in a school yard. In society. Somehow people must have
gotten ideas about Jews way back then, about krauts, frogs…you know what I mean? There must have been ideas in many peoples’ heads, ideas that made it possible to make them kill each other.

I don’t think I would kill for that kind of ideas.

Would you?

Those are swear words, more or less.

After all…we are all family.

I think we learnt that in school.

But even if the teachers told us this, outside the classroom was a different world.

There were wars going on. Some silent, some not so silent. Looking back one could wonder if even those conflicts had some relation to the war.

Or maybe there were relations to other wars, other adult conflicts.

I believe this is a general rule. You can ask kids to do things, and make them do things, but if you have some shit in your head (and we all do, we can’t quite deny that, can we?) – if we do – it very easily comes out through our kids.

Somehow, at some point, it will come to the surface, and you’ll have to deal with it.

It is not easy to be a parent.

I am not sure that I have forgiven my parents for all things they did to me.


They are both dead now, which makes it easier. They were not evil as some say about each other, but they could sometimes be lazy. Stupid. Occupied with other things. Remote.

When they died it also made things more difficult, because when you also have kids of your own, or anyhow, it’s suddenly your responsibility, isn’t it? Your life and what you do with it.


I am responsible.

Not easy, even if you try to be responsible and creative.

The world is a bit bigger than one family.

That is an understatement.

I’ve no idea what life is like in the White House, what is easy and what is difficult.

But are you going to start that war?

Do you know the consequences?