Ehm, Donald…

What’s going on? Being a man of action…mhm

Being a statesman…

Every politician with the powers that belong to a position like the one you have,wants to be a statesman. To be called that by others.

By historians…

But you know, making peace and keeping peace, making it last, is not always about winning wars. Not really.

It’s about doing all those quiet things, you could call them small, from the neighbourhood up to decisions in departments, ministries.

Especially the boring ones, like how much do you pay people when they’re on the dole? Is it easier to get a loan if you know someone in the right place? Is it…difficult to talk to a public employee, does he or she really understand what your problem is? Has he or she a possibility of doing anything for you?

Does everybody in the neighbourhood actually understand each other, at least on the surface? Are there many possibilities of misunderstanding small comments on the corner, in the local grocery store? Are there tensions there, which could go up in flames if the wrong word comes out in a wrong moment?

I’m sure people in command think about things like this from time to time.

But I’m not talking about keeping the people calm.

On the contrary.

I’m talking real friendship, to make that possible. If I never speak to my neighbour, we don’t know shit about each other’s habits, what things mean for each of us, how the other people live.

If we actually talk – slowly, all those things will seep in.

Slowly, even the annoying things may be less important. We know why they do things. They have the time to change some habits. We can do the same. We’ve had our small conflicts, we’ve been able to clear them out.

And if you, who are in charge of a lot, think about your people in the same way…

To do all those little things, constantly, on any level, anything that can bring us together without mashing anyone…

That’s statesmanship.

It means, when the crash comes, when a conflict really comes to the surface, there will be so many friends…across that conflict, so many things done in a good will and with a good effect, and if many enough people have felt this, made friends, felt the benevolence of their neighbour, even of the system, if they haven’t had to humiliate themselves in order to survive, in order to help their kids, in order to…

Then…the conflict won’t be as bad. There won’t be a need for a war. The clash will be less serious. The situation will be calm enough, a sufficient amount of people will be able to listen to each other instead of shout, to find a solution to the basic problem.

Then there will be peace, this time. The real clash may be avoided. Until someone, the next time, does something rash, thinks too short, doesn’t do those small, slow things.

It’s not that difficult. It takes some consideration, and time.

It may take some work to keep your own, your real shit…at bay, could one say that? It’s not a good sentence, I know.

To deliver it in a place where it doesn’t do harm.

Not too much harm.

That’s why people go to church. It should be the reason, at least.





All those things has the ability to change the urge to hit someone, into something better.

On a theatre stage you can be evil without anyone getting hurt. It can be fun, I’ve tried.

You can watch all those things and have basically the same effect on yourself.

But don’t forget those slow things.

Everyday work.

You want to be in the history books?

You’ll be there anyway.

How, that is your choice.