Hey, Donald, you can’t do that.

You can’t forbid demonstrations.

Unless you want to go down in history as a dictator?

You’ll go down in history anyway.

You’ve realised that?

People will write about you, since you are actually…an American president.

I mean, your name will be in history books.

Considering all the things that are being said about you today…

Some of that will end up in school books.

You can’t forbid demonstrations against you.

It’s part of the game.

We have the right to say pretty much what we want, you know that?

And what’s that about forbidding certain words from your own administration?

That is ridiculous.

It’s like saying, don’t tell us what’s true.

Lie to us.

You understand that?

What it actually means when you do things like that, if you do it – you’ve lost the discussion.

No more arguments to use.

Lost cause.

I’m not saying other people than you, the people you call…I don’t know, “the other side”, that they can’t be in similar positions sometimes.

That they sometimes are.

They have done stupid things too, certainly.

But then pretty often, someone reacts, and in the end, also pretty often, everyone will know what’s what, even if the authorities go on doing the wrong things.

And it doesn’t affect…the fact that when you do things like that, say things like that, it’s your turn to have lost.

You published a list of things that the former administration or administrations had done wrong, before the election.

I can’t remember everything you said, but actually you had a few points there.

The problem was, the list was not very long. Three or four things, I think.

Not enough to change society altogether. Not by far.

There were some pretty big things there, like messing up things in Iraq or the Middle East.

And the list could maybe have been longer, because politics is not always neat and nice.

But still.

I could become a real journalist, which would mean I would have to give myself the time to check out much more, in detail, what you do and say.

But right now, I am basically just an ordinary citizen with ordinary knowledge.

And actually, so are you.

You worked your way into that job because…you were not happy with the way things were done. Can I put it like that?

But I don’t think your project, if you really have one, has enough in it to justify a total turn-around of society.

You yourself…you seem to have the capacity of doing certain things.

But not the knowledge that it takes to be where you are.

In that case I would be very careful. Not rash.

I mean, if I were in your shoes.