The «national» side of this music (I am thinking of Grieg, Svendsen, Halvorsen) was of course thoroughly exaggerated during the war, and it is peculiar that I think still both Nazis and patriots embrace it, which perhaps makes a point for the existence of absolute music, freed from the history it is made and played in.

The point is anyway that our view on it is far too narrow, and as I have been trying to say for some time. It’s time also to dig out from the library shelves the scores of all the other brilliant composers and start considering what we have. Some things are happening both in the field og music and in art. Nationalism is ok, in a sense, as long as you don’t exaggerate it, it just gives you a feeling of coming from somewhere and funfacts to exchange and later mix with people from other cultures. I am not afraid of borders as long as there are doors to open and a willingness to communicate. A proper amount of self-esteem is needed in order to really meet others, and it is also a necessary means to find out what’s next, where are we all going now.