Sorry, Don, you don’t get it.

You’re not a business tycoon anymore.

You’re a politician.

What did you say the other day? You were going to smash Turkey’s economy if they didn’t…do something.

I don’t think that’s a fair way to behave when you deal with money either.

But now you’r dealing with us.

I don’t want our block smashed.

I don’t want anyone’s block smashed.

This – is not your playground.

You’re not in the school yard anymore. I don’t know if you were bullied, or if you bullied someone, or if your mom kept you down.

I don’t know what’s your problem.

We all have problems.

But in your position…I would go to the gym, to a concert, a ball game.

What I was taught when it came to work, was, basically, you do your job -independently, absolutely, when that’s what it takes, but you do it, not too much on behalf of yourself or depending on your own hangups or whims.

You may have personal engagement, idealism too, but you consider – whether your personal things, thoughts, whatever – are usable, good enough reason to do this or that thing, at work.

Otherwise, and mostly, you leave your personal hangups at home. Go to a ball game. Do something else with it.

Don’t take it out on us.

You have a position, you don’t belong entirely to yourself.