An old film about a butler and another servant who fall in love. He feels he can’t go through with the relationship, because it would compromise the loyalty to his work and his employer.

I can’t remember the details of his thinking, but something like “it wouldn’t be proper” or “suitable” must have been one of the lines.

I left the cinema with a feeling of ashes inside. A love story that never happened, because of propriety.

I grew up with a sense of duty that could actually kill you. Today, in 2019, Oslo is full of people who act like they were queens and kings and who seem to believe that they have to do this to fit into the city life. It’s difficult for any generation to understand the next one, but I feel there could be a need today for a grain of the ironic distance to official truths I also grew up with.

Too many small things are taken too seriously.

And today, even if you can’t throw away all the clothes you were born in, casual or neat, you can at least try to avoid crashing your neighbour with whoever you are.

Be proud enough to be tolerant.

Edited…as usual.