Hi there, Don.

Are you making war?

This time, real war?

And…why are you doing it?

You have a lot of military bases.

The US have a lot of military bases.

Around the world.

How come you have a lot of military bases all around the world?

In other countries?

I don’t particularly believe in the military as a positive political force.

It should be the last resort – to defend yourself.

To defend your own land.

I don’t think one people has the right to defend their or anyone’s principles with…weapons, if things happen in other countries.

I don’t think that’s in any charter, really.


You think…I mean, you believe you are the leader of the free world?

I think I have to laugh.

Freedom…big word.

Means a lot of things.

Freedom to start a business, yeah, and to run it.

How to run it…

Freedom from…bombs.

You have freedom from bombs, don’t you?

Me too – so far.

So how come the Iranians…are you going to bomb them?

Are you?

They say it’s a beautiful country.

Despite the mullahs.

Do you actually believe that you can free them from their…own mullahs?

Do you believe in a country’s right to rule themselves?

To free themselves from whatever bother them, in their own way?

Do you?

What are all those bases for? They don’t defend your territory.

They’re not there, not even close.

You said something wise before the election.

Not much, really, sorry, but I don’t really think so. Not that much.

But you said that the other guys had fucked it up in the Middle East, or something like that.

That was true, I think you were right about that.

Who are advising you these days?

Many are against you for other reasons. I guess there are not that many people to talk to, in your position.

I have some Iranian friends, some aquaintances.

Do you?

Do you think it would be reason enough…you know, to avoid war?

I know people from all over the world, or to make myself brag not too much, at least (I think) from all continents. Maybe except Greenland, if that is a continent.

I am not sure that they all love me as their brother, I am only human, isn’t that what one usually says? but still…there are a few…at least I wouldn’t like them to go.

In any sense of the word.

They have some friends, too. Relatives. Family. I don’t love family, sorry, I don’t, but I generally like people.

Oslo is quite international these days. Would you believe that?

I…have had, there have been moments in my life when I’ve been heading really in the wrong direction. Pretty often I have not had the courage to resist it, the strength to say…hey, I’m getting off the bus, can someone please…

Yeah, yeah, I said not. Too often. I’ve given myself a lot of shit because of that. Others too.

Sometimes it is about doing, sometimes about not doing.

But I’ve been trying to train myself to go against my own stream, not always go the easy way, I mean, privately. That’s one of my biggest problems. I think, politically, well I’m not a politician, but workwise, I have done a few things. Privately, my private life…I shouldn’t talk too loud. It’s not that magnificent.

Maybe for you it’s the other way round?

I don’t know, just a suggestion. I don’t know shit about your private life, I’m not that interested, really. I think that people’s lives are much more different than most front page stories tell us, differences that could explain a lot…I mean, of the headlines.

I can be stupid and curious too some times, but I feel, I mean, in principle, everyone should be able to have a private life. It’s a…right, a..what do you call it? Everyone needs to be private sometimes, completely on their own.

But I wouldn’t like to wake up tomorrow and find out that all those that I call friends, even if they are only acquaintances, people I would very much like to have here in this town, hell, they do a lot of cool work here, if they would have to go home to another Syria or Iraq…Christ…Yemen.

To bury, you know, people. To look for them in the ruins. To have to accept the fact that their family house, if they had one, has been shot to pieces.

Their aunt died.

Their brother, shit – let’s not even think about that.

Bombed to gravel.

Sounds great, huh?

Bombed to gravel.

That’s the dead end of politics. Literally and whatever abstract concept you want to use to think out…what it is.

It is everything that a politician should avoid.

I told you, remember?

The real work is talk, making friends, drinking, eating…even playing music, even if that can sometimes be a little sectarian.

Even better, to go to an unusual party, accept an unusual invitation.

Now we’re talking things that I don’t always dare to do, but generally I have enjoyed it when I did.

I’m still talking just normal life things, in some neighbourhood. Among some people.

Even to do some stupid things, among people, I mean not in your position, sorry, this is not about “normal” politics.

Stupid things seem to be unavoidable in private relations sometimes. Sometimes even happens often. It’s maybe the price you pay to reach someone.

But politics is a profession, sort of.

Right now…seems like you need to turn around, to stop, to change your direction.

Don’t be a hero.

Heroes shed blood. Their own, usually, and others.

Be something else.

Quite simply, don,t bomb my friends’ friends.

We have seen American bombs before, on film. Many. Some have seen them for real, before they…died.

I don’t think many see bombs as part of a fight for freedom right now.

Take yourself in a reasonably firm grip and push yourself in another direction.