I think that competitions in music are principally bullshit, but of course, there is a lot of good music going on…


Another interesting thing is that these guys & girls seem to be giving us more personal versions, not only the most correct Mozart (which can be an interesting thing, of course, to check once in a while, by watching competitions ;-)).

I hope this is a new trend, more individual interpretations, it would be nice with a little more freedom at last. And no, I’m not talking about extra notes compared to a standard text, that is another discussion, I think, but of how to play the whole thing. There are many possibilities.

Correctness is only one aspect of the music.

The question of the correct Mozart remains there, not exactly unanswered…but as part of the package, one way of thinking which will also be important. Many things are.

But it is ok that time moves on once in a while, that the main focus shifts, and perhaps gives us a way of dealing with things that also suits our times better.

One could think like that too.

And of course, to tip over the whole discussion you should actually consider the fact that the grand piano wasn’t invented when Mozart died in 1791, these concertos were written for the fortepiano, which is a completely different instrument. It is just too tempting to play them on a “modern” instrument because they sound so bloody good on it, but actually, I think you have to see these versions as kind of arrangements for another instrument.

At least this is an interesting view and an interesting way into yet another approach.

In the end, and when showtime draws near, too, all ways of thinking about music go into one another like Chinese boxes, and maybe it is not obvious which one is the outer one, the actual frame for all the others, that exact day.

And again, what goes on live is also unpredictable to a certain extent, or should be, because no one really wants to hear what you did last night, at least I very much enjoy a happening, whatever genre or mode.

That’s why we’re nervous playing…