So, Don…are you actually starting that war?

I mean, WW3?

World War Three.

Sounds like it, at least, from this side of the Atlantic. The Russians lining up with Iran?

Well, I wouldn’t know why and how. Maybe you would know.

It’s in the news here, that our government is considering sending troops down there.

Tell me, do you think you, I mean you Americans, are…defending your country in this way?

I didn’t know that it bordered on the…Hormuz strait, that’s the place, isn’t it?

I don’t know that much about international law, I’m not a lawyer or anything.

But I usually claim to have some knowledge about politics…I participate at least in private discussions now and then.

I write.

When you read about international law in an encyclopedia there is a lot of talk about principles. Some good principles, definitely.

But you also sometimes get the feeling that someone has whispered things to the author of the article, so the principles sound more like…what’s it called? Excuses, apologia? You know, ways of defending things that are not…quite as nice.

I would say attacking a country which you have to travel this far to get to…it’s not your territory, is it?

Those bases that you have…


Partly started by Donald J. Trump, American president in 2019.



How many millions in WW2?

Things go faster today, so maybe we’ll risk a little less.

How many casualties in the Gulf War in…what was it? 80-something.

How many refugees coming here if there is a war like that?

How many will knock on your door?

Refugee camps…

It’s going to be something in the history books about you anyway.

I mean, the position that you have is like that.

I don’t think…I feel that this time, the opinion here wouldn’t be too positive if we‘re dragged into your war.

Would kind of mean that we were involved in starting a big war too.

The politicians here are usually pretty weak when Washington says something.

I don’t think wewould like that, generally speaking.

We, non-politicians.

Can’t you get some other advisors?

Read something?

Did you read Catch 22, or see the film?

It’s actually fun, it’s from the second world war, in Italy. A novel, not a documentary.

Catch 22 is about this rule, paragraph 22…

The only reason you’ll get out of the war, if you apply for a final leave, the only valid reason to get out, is if you’re insane.

If you apply, it proves that you’re not insane.

So either way, you’ll stay.

It’s a fun read, and I think the film is maybe even better. I saw some scenes.

I don’t know why I’m telling you this.



You started off there, kind of, didn’t you?

I would say, I’m actually not sure I agree with that much of what you say all the time…

But as I said, one good point I can remember, is that the government before you or some governments before you, made a mess in Iraq, and other places down there.

So…what do you do?

Sometimes there are things that can’t be done, rules that shouldn’t be broken.

Things you cannot do even if you really, badly want to do it.

Like putting priests out of power.

A country…is still a country.

It has even rights even if it is badly or strangely ruled..

There are laws that prevent another government from doing things.

And if the government doesn’t know this, there are still principles.

Even in politics.

International politics.

If you break them…you act partly as a dictator would.

As a king of long ago.

Really long ago.

Before law regulated things, the king could do what he wanted, sort of, at least not hindered by written law.

But actually, not now.

One should actually think that a right-wing government would understand it.

That is kind of strange.