I met some tourists, I think Italian, in the local shop, and they were going to buy bottled water, as usual asking whether it had “gas or no gas”. I told them, just drink from the tap, it’s actually the best.

I think this is true. And it is free of charge, already paid for by their hotel.

Water supply is still part of our “social state”. In a private home it is a relatively small expense.

Our water is very drinkable, I think, it should be a tourist attraction in itself. Of course, you don’t drink from the tap in a toilet, but that’s only because you are in a toilet. The water is the same everywhere, pretty fresh and clear and by all means healthy. The only place I can remember to have seen those signs that say “don’t drink the water” is on the trains.

The only thing I forgot to tell them is, leave the tap open for a few seconds so the water gets cold.

When I was a kid we were told that as long as the water was moving, flowing, we could drink it, from brooks and rivers and lakes. Of course you had to, have to, check the smell and the look of it, but basically I think it is right to say that the water in nature here is clean.

I remember I had a wooden cup in the belt which I got as a present from someone, or drank from my hands. You had to be quick.

Tried the tap water in Spain too, when I was there, and it was quite ok. I didn’t get sick, it tasted a little like all those tapas dishes with somehow fried garlic. Both flavoured by the soil and the climate, or what?