It won’t work, you know.

Every country, every people on earth basically wants to rule themselves.

I don’t find that difficult to understand.

Even if your country is ruled by brutal people, a dictator, an outsider can’t fix that.

If someone seriously attacked my country, I would stand back to back with my own (and hey, this also means people from all over the world who have moved here and become Norwegians to the extent that please them, and me. I know them well enough. They love Norway as much as I do.)

I’ve been pretty much involved in political discussions here in Norway, conflicts, of course, too, but if someone actually interfered or attacked us, I would not care about internal politics. I would join my political opponents in the ways that I would find useful and necessary. If it was necessary and useful, I would have things going even with people I really dislike politically.

I wouldn’t hesitate.

You cannot spread democracy or freedom by military means, economical pressure…in short by any sort of serious pressure.

You have to wait and discuss.

That’s democracy, actually, another side of it, that sometimes you’re not having it your way because if you do, you’ll fuck up the whole system.

You don’t know what a foreign country needs, either.

You’re not a crusader, you know.

You shouldn’t be a crusader, either, that’s not your role as a leader of the USA.

We don’t need that.

To actually attack someone because they don’t treat their citizens ok is like…fucking for virginity.

I think that’s a very old joke among some of my friends.

And what you will achieve is a lot…dead people, many, refugees, another wave of refugees who will maybe come here.

They will certainly be going somewhere else, they won’t stay in a war zone.

A destroyed country is perhaps not exactly an easy place to be.

You’ll be left with even another country that you actually will have to…rule.


If you don’t see the ridiculous about that…you may perhaps see…some practical difficulties?

You’ll be violating principles and creating chaos.

Here in Norway we will have to go into new discussions, quarrels, about how many refugees we have room for, it will squeeze us and our internal conflicts and disagreements, and I don’t doubt that the same will happen in all countries that will have to deal with the refugee crisis that will suddenly appear.

All of us, basically, will feel this.

I missed the details in the news of that part…of the tanker no. 1 taken into Gibraltar and the tanker no. 2 taken in the Hormuz strait, but it all sounds more or less criminal if it is part of a stupid political game.

Do you know, mista, sir, that right now people are dying in Iran because they lack insulin, and other medication?

My friends tell me you can hardly get anything in Iran right now, I believe they mean, in the shops:

You are hurting the people more than the leaders with your sanctions.

And I don’t think they will give in. The people.

You are part of a country even if you loathe what your leaders do.

A culture.

It is not possible to take that out of a man.

Or a woman.

People will think like I would have thought, don’t fuck up our country.

So what’s your agenda these days?

Weren’t you going to do something for…the people?

Your actions reach almost every country if the world, so seriously…

Have you got anyone to talk to?

If you don’t have an agenda, get one.

One that’s aiming for peace, not war.

We, the people, never actually want war or need war.

We want to go on having a beer or a coffee on the corner, to eat our neighbour’s food
because she sells it or because he invited us for lunch.

To deal with small conflicts and try to keep them…kind of small.

Keep that in mind. That’s the aim of the whole shit.

I mean, all of politics, simply.

To give all of us possibilities to live.

It is at least one way of seeing it, not the worst, I think.

I am sure you enjoy life as much as I do.

Eating, drinking, being with someone.

Watching the view from your window or just thinking of something that crosses your mind.

Feeling the stars over your head.

Breathing the air outside.

Walking a street that you like.

Going to a restaurant.

Thinking about the skin of your lover before she comes to your room.