So…this is not so well done.

It looks, from out here, just as an excuse to bomb Iran.

You know, Don, no one doubts the US ability to perform military strikes.

No one doubts that you are strong over there.

But…we may sometimes doubt your mental sanity.

All cultures have brilliant sides, and stupid ones.

Of course.

But some stupidity stays at home, other things hurt others…more.

The USA have started quite a few wars during the last 80 years, contributing substantially to the amount of refugees entering all countries of the world. Of course, wars would probably have happened somewhere without you, but one must say you have contributed.

You have a ridiculously high military budget, the world’s largest per capita, I think.

This move looks stupid.

Why would a country like Iran do a thing like this in a situation like this?

I’m not even sure that a small group would do such a thing, knowing that…some people in your administration is just waiting for a reason to bomb Iran, to destroy the regime in Tehran.

So maybe they gave the opportunity to themselves?

It looks so much like a US setup, it’s almost comic.

That history with the tanker…

Not quite convincing either.

You know…sir…you’re actually not entitled to use the world as your battlefield.

To protect one’s country…I would say it is a last resort, but it is considered, by most, a right to do so when you have to.

But you’re not doing that.

You’re attacking another country which lies not even close to US coasts.

It’s all about oil, isn’t it?

We’re not so happy about American money everywhere, either.

I don’t see a lot of money as…success.

Helping others…helping the world. 

That’s success.

To give…is to get.

If you give aggression…you might easily get aggression.

If you give love…

It’s not an easy thing to do. 

I’m not saying I manage all the time.

It takes not only a good heart, it also takes cleverness.

Your heart is always in a concrete situation, and it’s not the same situation all the time. It depends what you do.

You have to think out what’s best.

Not only for yourself, you have to think about others too.

Both, I would say, is an ideal. But you often get something out of helping others.

You need to be someone to be able to give others something.

At least this is partly true.

I don’t mean someone big, just someone, as opposed to…no one. Some people are treated so badly as a kid, they have very little left of themselves when they grow up. 

The things that happened to you still sit in your personality.

You often don’t feel yourself if you’ve had to take too much beating.

It’s much more common than you should think.

I think everyone has had some such experiences.

It depends how bad it feels, and what part of you it occupies.

And the shit that you received, or the shit that the beating created, has to come out somehow, somewhere. 

The art of living…many things, but one of them, to create something sound out of the shit of your life.

Art, sports, hiking, I guess those are the most common means here. Eating together, actually, too.

Meditation. In church, in nature, anywhere.

To get rid of some problems, to get some air, give yourself a break. 

To get…real.

And that thing with money…they don’t really give you a life, do they? You need money, of course, and yes, they can be used creatively or destructively, but…

Actually you create a life out of something else.

Working for others, not yourself.

Working for yourself is ok, I guess, but if you do only that…I don’t think that’ll work.

Working because you love something, either the thing you do, or the things that it creates.


Giving love to your kids.

Thinking about what they need.

Giving unconditionally to someone, with a risk of being hurt or with the risk of being…what’s it called?  Turned away. Dismissed. No, thanks, I don’t want your love, your attention, whatever.

If you really want something.

To risk the danger of looking stupid, if you need to say something plain…and nice.

Not easy.

It has to be true, too.

Honesty is considered very important in my country.

Being able to receive from others.

To actually receive compliments, love.

I find that difficult.

We don’t want the world to be swarming with…your refugees.

Maybe you could take them all on?

I don’t know…a few hundred thousand Iranians? A million this time?

They are actually pretty nice.

I like them.

But why should we do it?

enjoy immigration to my country, but some people here don’t.

I’m a little tired from explaining to them that refugees come for a reason.

As I see it, you create part of that reason.

You’re about to do it right now.

RefugeesI don’t think they want to move.

Don’t you think they’d rather be home, like you and me, we like to have a home, don’t we?

I enjoy my city and my room, the view over the small river and the trees outside.

The sound of the tram passing by.

I would like others to have what they like.