An important issue in today’s Internet world is of course algorithms, which ones are in use? They move our thoughts in specific directions, and are basically kept secret.

But another part of this is in general, how things are grouped on the screen. Someone with an education in informatics is probably able to give more of an answer to this question, but the thing is…is set theory the central concept or method, or what is actually the basic structure or structures in this way, yep, the electronic way, ways, of making or changing a text or another type of information?

Programming and organising of data in the ways that are done today are after all based on math to a great extent, and what is being done is to organise texts and other information as simple as possible, since complicated ways slow down your webpage and also in general, simple solutions are also often better in other ways than more complicated ones.

But simple…according to what principles?

Normally, and «in the old days» (they’re actually not that far away) the way of organising the information was different, and the result…different. We are forced into specific ways of thinking that are also related to the organising of the information.

You’re saying…paranoia has hit me?

I’m not so sure. And even if it has, who’s to say that no one is actually after me? 😀