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The Selfish Idealist


When you do things for yourself, do you have to be destructive towards the world? Life can be made fairly good both for you and for the rest of us.

Maybe you'll not only help out, but even give everybody a good laugh from time to time.

Shabby chic in St. Olavs gate, Oslo. 

Aesthetic violence

Oslo Posted on 04 Mar, 2020 02:22

Pardon my French, but this shit is what I really do not want.

For me, this is the real reason to oppose the whole plan, including demolition of the “Y block”.

Here is the rest.

News about the “Y block”

Oslo Posted on 04 Mar, 2020 00:27

The Norwegian government is demolishing this building, a government building which was also a target for Anders Behring Breivik. It is still possible to use, it was not severely damaged but the government argues that a bomb may be placed underneath, where there is a tunnel, a street.

They want to build completely new government buildings, which I feel will be completely dominating this part of town.