To contradict what I just said about rhythm and math, in this case perhaps the math describes the rhtyhm accurately… I don’t know the genre or genres well enough to say really much, but presence is in any case another important aspect of art…and creativity.

No lack of that.

I totally respect this music as I hope I do with any genre, and I really enjoy dancing to it, even if I sometimes feel like a dinosaur in the company of lambs when I go to a club. I hope I won’t stop, because I wake up the next day with a body feeling like a toddler’s, and my head and soul has had an important experience, too.

Even if the pulse itself, the tempo, is maybe repetitive or unchanging, creativity and variation simply goes on elsewhere, there is no lack of variation. I think younger people than me also sit and listen to it a lot, so far I usually prefer moving to it, but who cares.

Some of this sounds like normal pop music to me, which I’m more used to.

There is a lot more to be said, but I have to listen more and think more.